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How to Digitize Bill 25 and GDPR Compliance with the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card

December 3, 2023

Accessing municipal services often requires citizens to disclose excessive personal information. For example, when applying for a library card, a seemingly simple process, citizens often find themselves sharing private information such as their driving license, birth date, addresses, and sometimes even occupation details etc.

The current legislation being enforced by Bill 25 in Quebec, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, mandates the disclosure and management of personal data in a responsible and transparent manner. In light of these evolving privacy regulations, there is a growing need for municipal services to reevaluate their data collection practices. 

This underscores the urgency for a secure, streamlined, and efficient solution to citizen data privacy. The bciti+ Digital Citizen Card is a revolutionary technological solution designed to uphold citizen privacy while still facilitating seamless access to city services.

The Bciti+ Digital Citizen Card is a revolutionary technological solution

Read this article to find out how the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card is reshaping citizen interactions with local governments and helping ensure municipality compliance with privacy laws such as Bill 25 in Quebec and GDPR. 

What is the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card?

The bciti+ Digital Citizen Card is a secure, streamlined, and efficient citizen data management solution that manages ethically citizen data in line with private data protection laws. By offering unique features such as automated traceability and smart API integration, BCITI ensures that citizens have control over their data while still enjoying the benefits of civic services.

In 2016, BCITI pioneered the Digital Citizen Card, anticipating the growing demand for enhanced data transparency and responsible data management. Since its inception, BCITI has consistently led the way in seamlessly integrating the Digital Citizen Card with Civic Services. The primary focus has consistently revolved around empowering citizens, coupled with a commitment to ethically manage their private data.

In its commitment to protect and enhance the digital identity of citizens, BCITI has integrated a variant of blockchain technology into the Digital Citizen Card. This integration strengthens the security of citizens' private data, ensuring streamlined, efficient, and secure interaction between citizens, visitors, and city administrations.

How the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card Ensures Bill 25 and GDPR Compliance

The bciti+ Digital Citizen Card is a Privacy by design platform and stands as a robust solution ensuring compliance with Bill 25 and GDPR, both of which are designed to safeguard citizens' data. 

Addressing the key principles of these regulations, the card employs stringent measures such as transparent communication when gathering private data, evidence of consent, transparent display of new rights, traceability of data usage, and the anonymization of information, etc. By seamlessly integrating the card into the bciti+ Smart Citizen Services Platform and the mobile application, it facilitates direct communication with citizens regarding their newly established rights in terms of data protection. 

This approach empowers individuals to make informed decisions about providing or withdrawing consent, fostering a context-aware understanding. Leveraging a blockchain variant, the citizen card guarantees that citizens can access and review all transmitted information in a secure and anonymous manner, thereby upholding the fundamental tenets of privacy and data protection mandated by Bill 25 and GDPR.

The main features of the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card include:

  • Unique Resident ID: Seamlessly validate the identity and residency of citizens.
  • Barcode Reader: Limit access to private data to classified personnel, ensuring only necessary information is available for city employees.
  • Family Link Management: Manage and automate connections between family members.
  • Smart API Integration: Easily connect with civic systems, including taxes, leisure activities, libraries, local commerce, and more.
  • Automated Traceability: Empower citizens with full traceability of their data.

Why Cities Should Choose BCITI

Bill 25 was adopted on September 2022 and cities must already be compliant with many articles and other regulations will be announced in 2024.. In Quebec cities, the adoption of these measures is geared to enhance transparency and increase protection of their citizens' data. Bill 25 serves as an example for other jurisdictions, underscoring the significance of data protection in our digital era.

The bciti+ Digital Citizen Card stands as a cutting-edge digital solution designed to ensure compliance with the privacy-focused requirements of Bill 25 and GDPR . This secure and streamlined citizen data management platform not only adheres to private data protection laws but also offers a range of advantages for cities seeking efficient compliance measures

Partnering With BCITI Offers Cities a Range of Advantages:

  • A Better Understanding of Privacy Data Law: At BCITI, our commitment goes beyond mere implementation – we understand that navigating the complex landscape of privacy data laws is a crucial aspect of digital transformation. Beyond providing a technological solution, we actively guide cities through the nuanced legal aspects of privacy data laws. Our team of experts works closely with city officials, offering comprehensive insights and practical guidance to ensure a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved. 

  • Time-saving Automation: Recognizing the resource constraints faced by cities, our innovative solution is designed to streamline and automate various regulatory elements, sparing city officials from tedious manual processes. Through sophisticated automation features, cities can effortlessly manage and comply with regulatory requirements, allowing their personnel to redirect valuable time and efforts towards more strategic initiatives. By automating these elements, the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers cities to allocate resources more effectively, ensuring a seamless and expedited adherence to regulatory standards.

  • Limited Access, Enhanced Security: The bciti+ Digital Citizen Card places a large emphasis on data security, ensuring that private information remains confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel. Through security protocols, the system guarantees limited access to private data, with measures in place for classified personnel. This means that only individuals with the appropriate clearance and authorization can access sensitive information, reinforcing a layer of protection. Simultaneously, for city employees who do not fall under the classified category, the Digital Citizen Card adopts a need-to-know approach. It displays only the information essential for verification purposes, striking a balance between accessibility and security.

  • International Innovation: By staying on top of the latest technological developments, the cities supported by BCITI become integral contributors to shaping the world of tomorrow. This proactive involvement opens avenues for accessing various subsidies and grants. Cities leveraging BCITI's capabilities are well-positioned to tap into grant opportunities, fostering financial support that further fuels their innovative initiatives. 

In conclusion, the bciti+ Digital Citizen Card emerges as a secure, streamlined, and efficient citizen data management solution in full accordance with private data protection laws. Cities choosing to work with BCITI not only ensure compliance with regulations but also contribute to a future where citizen privacy and efficient service access coexist harmoniously.

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