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Improve your citizens' daily lives

Let's build together the city of tomorrow for all citizens

Everything your city has to offer at your citizens' fingertips. Join us, like over 70 Canadian cities have done!
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Why cities need a Smart Citizen Services Platform?


Citizen satisfaction

bciti+ connected citizens are 80% more satisfied with their city services

Efficiency and local development

Cities using bciti+ can save $11 per citizen registered annually just from reduction of material and mailing costs

More informed decisions

Data and digitalization offer an opportunity to anticipate citizen's needs and respond to events in a timely manner

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How can bciti+ help your city?


Automatise all services via only ONE platform

Make a great impression on your citizens and visitors by modernizing your city's services with our intuitive citizen-centric platform and automate your digital citizen services in moments


Reduce the time to authenticate the identity and residency status of your citizens

Reduce your citizens' trips to City Hall and offer a world of possibilities in terms of services to citizens or visitors depending on their residence status


Reduce costs and generate new sources of revenues

By connecting all your city services in one place, reduce operating costs and generate more revenue 


See the big picture

Use real-time statistics to forecast needs quickly and efficiently and make sound decisions

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Our Solution

The only Smart Citizen Services Platform that provides a one-stop shop for urban service management and informed decision making. 

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What cities and their citizens say about us

With bciti Digital Citizen Card, during the busy sign-up period for recreation and sports activities, we reduced traffic at City Hall from an average of 350 people to 5 people, just one year after bciti was implemented. We also had a 140% penetration rate for citizen registration for the digital card after 18 months.

Hugo Hallé
Director of Technology, City of Brossard - founding city
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bciti+ allows us to be connected to more than 80% of our citizens and also to our visitors. The platform has a high membership rate, as it centralizes a bunch of services.

Catherine Page
Director of Communications and Smart City
I am a Magog citizen, I really like using the application to pay for my on-street parking and since I work in Sherbrooke, it is convenient because I can also pay for my parking to the City of Sherbrooke via the same application.
City of Magog citizen
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Trusted Citizen ID

Citizen Relations Management

Connected Services

Hyperlocal Commerce

Dashboard & Ethical AI

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Have full confidence in your citizens' identity

  • Trusted citizen identification
  • Status of residency validation
  • Digital & printed citizen ID cards
  • City services registration
  • City commerce and transactions
  • Citizen discounts

All digital, all automated, so your city employees can focus on your citizen's experience

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Connect your city's services and give them a digital life

  • News from the city 
  • Waste collection schedules: recyclables, garbage, household, and other
  • Schedules and status of public services
  • Cultural and city events
  • Emergency notifications and alerts
  • Digital consultation and feedback

All under your control, in any media (SMS, email, notifications, automated voice), at any time.

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Integrate all your systems for a centralized management of your services

  • Easy-to-integrate APIs
  • Large library of pre-built connectors to your existing systems
  • Compatible with multiple cities simultaneously
  • Permit management
  • Parking payment on the street
  • Property evaluation forms
  • Animal licenses and medals
  • Public transport

Easy to access, the bciti+ digital interface is a real "all-in-one"

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Provide local merchants unprecedented access to your citizens

  • Citizen discount card
  • Local offers
  • Local loyalty program
  • Local money
  • Local events calendar

Curated and relevant, to give your local economy a big digital boost


Leverage all your city's data to better serve your citizens

  • Usage statistics for city services
  • Engagement statistics for city communications
  • Powerful data analysis platform
  • Real-time status transaction status
  • City operations dashboard

Improve service quality and reduce operational costs at the same time

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