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Smart Citizen Services Platform

Discover the most advanced Smart Citizen Services Platform that brings the city closer to its citizens and improves their daily lives

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How can the bciti+ Platform help your city?

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Quickly automate basic citizen services

Make a great impression on your citizens and visitors by modernizing your city services with our intuitive, citizen-centric platform. Automate your digital citizen services in a matter of moments

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Reduce the time needed to authenticate the identity and validate the residence status of your citizens

No need to meet citizens in person at City Hall. Offer a world of possibilities in terms of services to citizens or visitors depending on their residence status

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Reduce costs and generate new sources of revenues

Connect all city services, save $11 per year per registered citizen, then generate more revenue 

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Make informed decisions

Use real-time statistics to anticipate the needs of citizens and your city and make sound decisions

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Some revealing numbers

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Citizen satisfaction

bciti+ connected citizens are 80% more satisfied with their city services

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Efficiency and local development

Cities using bciti+ can save $11 per citizen registered annually just from reduction of material and mailing costs
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Support for citizen registration

B-CITI Solutions fosters citizen adoption of bciti+ in the first 12 months using all digital and traditional tools

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