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Bciti Solutions Inc. (“Bciti”), protects the personal information that it collects, uses, and shares within the framework of its activities, in accordance with the law and regulations applying to service providers. This policy regarding the protection of personal information sets out, in general terms, the terms and conditions relating to the collection, use, sharing, and protection of personal information from users of our services. The expressions “Bciti services”, “our services” or the “services” mean the services provided by Bciti as described in the Bciti Terms of Use.
The expression “personal information” means, in the broadest sense, information about identifiable persons.
The expression “Bciti partner” means an entity (such as a city, municipality or university) that uses Bciti services to communicate with you and provide services to you.
Under the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, Bciti is responsible for the personal information that we collect or that we have in our possession or under our control.
Collection et utilisation de données
We mainly collect data in the following ways:
Data that you provide
  • When you create your user account to access the Bciti service, you must provide personal information, such as your name and email address, as well as your password. We will save this personal information in order to identify you. This information is also sent to Bciti partners, with the exception of the password, so that they may identify you, validate the information and provide you with the services you desire.
  • When you use the Bciti online payment platform, you must provide additional information, such as your home address, your telephone number, your sex, and your credit card information. This personal information, with the exception of your credit card information, i) is saved by us in order to identify you; ii) is transfered to the Bciti partner associated with the service you have chosen to use so that it may identify you, validate the information and provide you with the services you desire; and iii) is transfered to another Bci partner if you wish to use the Bciti payment platform with respect to the other partner or you wish to benefit from the services provided by that partner. Credit card information is only transferred to the third-party processor in accordance with PCI DSS standards in order to be verified and processed by this certified third-party processor whose services have been retained by Bciti. By using a certified processor, we ensure that credit card information is processed according to rigorous security standards and that the risks of theft or fraud are minimized. If you agree that this certified processor may save your credit card information, this third party processor may retain this data so that you do not have to provide it each time you wish to make a new payment. The certified processor may process and store credit card information outside of Canada.
Data that we collect when using Bciti services
  • We collect personal information when you use the Bciti platform. To access our services, you must accept cookie files or similar technologies to use Bciti services in order to remain logged in to your account for the duration of your session. This information is used to facilitate and improve your interactions with Bciti partners and other users of our services or to create new services or functions. Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser and saved on your computer’s hard drive when you visit certain websites. They are used to “recognize” your visits to the site. At the end of each session, you may delete your cookies and it will not affect your use of the services during the following session.
Other websites
Our services may allow you to be directed to other websites such as a Bciti partner site. The operators of these other websites may also collect your personal information, as well as information produced through the use of cookies when you use a link to their website. Bciti is not responsible for how third parties collect, use or share your personal information. You must review their policy regarding the protection of personal information before providing personal information to them.
Service providers
We may also hire subcontractors to provide services in our name. These subcontractors are authorized to use personal information solely for the purpose of providing the services that Bciti has entrusted to them and must not use this information for other purposes.
Security measures
We have adopted security measures that aim to protect unauthorized access to personal information. These measures include but are not limited to the following:
  • Account information and payment information, when the data is at rest, is encrypted. This information is also encrypted when it is transfered to subcontractors, a certified processors, or Bciti partners.
  • All subcontractors and certified processors to whom Bciti transfers personal information, including for storage purposes, have signed written agreements with Bciti whose provisions provide at least the same level of protection as those contained herein.
  • Bciti employees who have the right to access personal information are subject to confidentiality obligations.
  • Within the 90 days following the closing of your account or your online payment account, the information associated with your account will be deleted, with the exception of data belonging to Bciti partners that have been transferred to them.