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Casselman selects Bciti and Globalia to redesign its website integrated to bciti+ Smart Portal

July 5, 2023

Casselman, an innovative municipality in Ontario, selects Bciti and Globalia to redesign its website, fully integrated with the bciti+ Intelligent Citizen Services Platform.


Montreal, July 5, 2023 –


"We're aiming for a 70% reduction in crowds at the City thanks to the automation of citizen services."


The municipality of Casselman, renowned for its innovative spirit and commitment to improving services for its citizens, is proud to announce its collaboration with Globalia and Bciti, for the redesign of its website. This initiative aims to tightly integrate the municipality's website with the bciti+ Intelligent Citizen Services Platform.

The city's decision to work with the Bciti and Globalia stems from their recognized expertise in intelligent solutions for municipal administrations.  Mayor Geneviève Lajoie estimates that the bciti+ platform will reduce the number of visitors to municipal offices by 70% over 3 years. This technological breakthrough will make it possible to enable automating numerous services to citizens, thus responding to the current labor shortage. Human resources will then be able to concentrate on higher value-added tasks. Mayor Lajoie adds: "We have the chance to strengthen ties within the community, while opening up communication with our citizens by making our practices more transparent."

Ms. Lajoie says: "We chose Globalia because of their strong partnership with Bciti. We had been looking for an intelligent citizen services platform for at least three years, and we believe that Bciti has a considerable lead in the market. In addition, we are impressed by Bciti's willingness to join forces with internationally renowned partners like Globalia to improve the daily lives of our citizens and meet our needs." The new website will be fully accessible, including online forms. The municipality will add the option of online payment.

The City of Casselman is committed to modernizing its services and simplifying interactions with citizens. Thanks to the collaboration with Globalia and Bciti, it is confident that this initiative will open up new perspectives for the future, offering a more fluid and efficient citizen experience.

For more information about Casselman, please contact :

Mireille Groleau, Communications Manager Municipality of Casselman 
Phone: 613-764-3139 p. 202 Email: mgroleau@casselman.ca 

For further information on Globalia and Bciti, please contact :

Vivianne Gravel, President and CEO Solutions B-CITI Inc 
Phone: 514-947-0210 E-mail: vivianne.gravel@bciti.com 

Note to editors: For further information or to arrange an interview with representatives of the Municipality of Casselman, Globalia or Bciti, please contact Vivianne Gravel at 514-947-0210 or by e-mail at vivianne.gravel@bciti.com 

Vivianne Gravel
Article written by Vivianne Gravel
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