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Innovation in public health: Solutions B-CITI inc. and MedOClock® join forces for lasting social impact

May 6, 2024

Montreal, April 29, 2024 ― Concretely changing the lives of humans is the mission of the new technological solution which will soon be accessible to citizens of North American cities thanks to the collaboration between Solutions B-CITI inc. (Bciti), recognized for its intelligent citizen services platform bciti+, and MedOClock®, an application dedicated to sharing vital information for caregivers.

By the end of 2024, the MedOClock® application will be integrated into the “My health” section of the bciti+ smart platform.

This partnership will allow citizens and visitors of the bciti+ platform to access MedOClock®. The two companies are paving the way for a future where services to citizens are much more accessible, with the ultimate objective of improving the well-being of communities.

“During my meeting with Julie Magnan, CEO and co-founder of MedOClock®, her words deeply touched me: 'Becoming a caregiver is not a choice, it is a reality that is imposed on us.' Julie, having been a caregiver herself, understands the crucial importance of having access to tools designed to simplify medication management and reduce daily stress. It is in this spirit that we decided to join forces to bring tangible change to the lives of residents of many cities in Quebec, Canada and soon in the United States,” explains Vivianne Gravel, founder of Bciti.

MedOClock®: much more than a digital pill dispenser

The MedOClock® application is not limited to its smart pill dispenser. It was designed so that caregivers can build a community of support (family, friends, care services and health professionals), with the aim of delegating tasks, carrying out the necessary follow-ups and centralizing all information about the person being helped. MedOClock® offers a host of features such as managing medical appointments, activities and special care of the person being cared for.

“I had the opportunity to meet Vivianne through the Evol organization, which is dedicated to the development of diverse and inclusive impact entrepreneurship. Our common desire to improve the daily well-being of citizens and communities was the driving force behind our collaboration. Together, we use technology to concretely support citizens,” explains Ms. Magnan.

The partnership between Bciti and MedOClock® will provide a concrete and caring technological solution to the challenges faced by citizens and communities.

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult the MedOClock® website as well as that of Bciti.

Article written by Bciti
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