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Bciti and Globalia: An alliance to boost innovation and smart citizen services

February 16, 2023



Montreal, July 3, 2023Bciti and Globalia are thrilled to announce their partnership to drive innovation and deliver smart services to citizens in cities around the world.

Globalia is a recognized leader in the areas of website development, e-business, customer relationship automation and e-commerce. Globalia is proud to count on a team of more than 80 experts who are both pioneers of innovation and drivers of performance.

By joining forces with Bciti, we aim to transform the way cities interact with their citizens. We want to help cities enter the era of intelligent services for citizens, by offering innovative and personalized solutions.

Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to make a strong integration between the websites and the bciti+ intelligent portal and enter more quickly into the era of recommendation to citizens. This will allow us to implement advanced tools for automating customer relations, facilitate rapid access to City services and thus bring citizens closer to their cities.

By integrating the bciti+ platform into city websites, we facilitate access to municipal services and improve the daily lives of citizens.

The objective of this partnership is to foster innovation, improve the efficiency of municipal services and strengthen the links between cities and their citizens. We are convinced that this collaboration will contribute to creating smart cities that are more connected, more and more adapted to the needs of their citizens.

Together, Bciti and Globalia are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in citizen services and creating a future where cities are places where everyone can thrive. 

About B-CITI Solutions

B-CITI Solutions is a Canadian smart technology company founded in 2016 to create a more sustainable future by providing citizens, cities and communities with a fully integrated smart platform that facilitates access to a multitude of services, across multiple cities, through ONE platform, bciti+. With its smart interoperability and data orchestration capabilities, bciti+, which leverages megadata, automation and artificial intelligence, is transforming the delivery and efficiency of municipal services.

More than 70 Canadian cities that wanted to improve their citizen’s daily lives, facilitate interactions with their residents and help shape the cities of tomorrow have already adopted bciti+.

Vivianne Gravel
Article written by Vivianne Gravel
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