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The Smart City Challenge: Navigating complexity

December 16, 2019

bciti already in line with studies and recommendations from the firm Roland Berger.

Deploying smart city solutions is complex. No two cities are alike, and one plan doesn’t fit all when it comes to becoming a smart city. Cities often don't have the time or expertise to carry out such innovative projects.

6 challenges to implementing a smart city strategy

According to the study by Roland Berger, one of the leading strategy consulting firms in the world, cities face six obstacles when it comes to reaching their full potential as a smart city:

Complexity | Technology | Regulations (use of personal data) | Investment | Financing | Resistance to change

Integrating the bciti smart city platform allows cities to overcome these challenges to take full advantage of the technological advances available to them and to their citizens.

7 steps to becoming a smart city

Roland Berger recommends seven key steps to ensure the perfect smart city design:

  • Take stock of existing plans and projects
  • Involve all stakeholders, including citizens and third-party providers
  • Think integrated
  • Get support from smart city experts in the private sector
  • Foster innovation
  • Establish open, integrated and secure platforms: data is the lifeblood of a smart city
  • Make concrete action plans

bciti has already met all of these recommendations. In addition, based on its experience in the past three years, bciti has noticed a need for an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) approach. This approach involves establishing a long-term vision and implementing it step by step, measuring the results every three to six months. bciti has set up a support system and monthly meetings with the cities to review their schedule and key results. In partnership with the firm RCGT, bciti also offers consulting and integrated deployment services to its clients.

bciti: smarter together!

- Deployment of 15 smart cities in Quebec in the bciti community; five additional cities to be confirmed soon

- First partner cities outside of Quebec planned for 2020

- Ethical artificial intelligence at the service of cities and citizens

- High-level partners, including universities and RCGT

- Continuous R&D to stay a step ahead: new features coming in 2020 and beyond

Vivianne Gravel
Article written by Vivianne Gravel
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