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More than 43,000 citizens can now easily connect to the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion and its services

April 27, 2022

Citizens no longer have to go in person to a municipal building to obtain a citizen card. On April 21, the city launched the Digital Citizen Card, in collaboration with bciti.

It is with great pride that bciti announces the deployment of the Digital Citizen Card in the City of  Vaudreuil-Dorion. Applicants can now obtain or renew their citizen card without having to go to a municipal building.

The validation of residence and identity is automated and managed remotely and securely on bciti+. The application digitizes, automates and centralizes the link between citizens and the city, while ensuring the security and ethical management of personal data. By joining the platform, cities benefit from simplified real-time communication with their citizens, consolidation of collected data and access to valuable information, all on a single web or mobile interface.

And there’s more! The scalable digital platform bciti+ allows for an unlimited number of add-on services, optimizing the allocation of municipal resources and facilitating self-service access to existing technologies. The implementation of AI-driven technology is the key to allowing cities to better anticipate their citizens’ needs, while helping them make informed and collaborative decisions.

Similar to the «Shopify» platform for smart cities, the Digital Citizen Card is designed to offer free access or purchase options to a multitude of services. In addition, bciti+ allows cities a new way to generate revenue by integrating resident and non-resident pricing, where applicable. Now available in many cities, the platform proposes ‘à la carte’ services such as swimming pool access, dog park access, walking trails membership, boat washing, etc., providing easier access to services for its users.

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Vivianne Gravel
Article written by Vivianne Gravel
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