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bciti ecoLocal: beyond buying local

May 21, 2020

Driving local business

An uphill battle

What is the playbook for creating a community-based, local, or service-pooling business during and after this crisis, knowing that for every dollar spent at a local business, 70 cents makes its way back into the community?

In retail and advertising, the global industry players have captured a significant portion of the market share. For example, Amazon has cornered almost 50% of the global market, while many local media outlets are on life support.

Most local businesses haven’t integrated digital tools to develop online stores or promote themselves. For the most part, only major chains have an online presence. And while some restaurants and merchants have evolved in response to COVID-19, making the technology more accessible (and more appealing) has been an uphill battle.

A solution at our fingertips

“Cities have been telling us that the time is ripe for a platform that has been developed specifically to promote local business. The trick is getting local partners to participate,” says Vivianne Gravel, president and founder of the bciti smart city platform.

“Our team is proud to announce the upcoming launch of bciti ecoLocal to support local businesses’ transition to digital solutions and encourage the economic development of communities in Quebec.”

Bciti ecoLocal provides an innovative solution that makes it easier for local stakeholders and businesses’ close partners, like local media outlets, to play a part. This in turn accelerates businesses’ digital transitions and allows local companies and residents to benefit from delivery services.

What’s can you do with bciti ecoLocal?

  • View an interactive map with merchant, clinic, and service provider profiles
  • Create an online store to sell products and services online in collaboration with local
    franchisees or with municipal support
  • Integrate home delivery by local partners
  • Incorporate local promos through the newsfeed, events schedule, and even coupons

Ahead of the pack

The timing for bciti ecoLocal couldn't be better to support the collaborative efforts of cities, municipalities, local media and other partners, which can become ecoLocal franchisees. bciti stands out from its competitors because we’ve integrated AI to generate reliable consumer awhile managing data ethically.

In cities where the bciti smart city platform is paired with the bciti ecoLocal module, business owners can reach more than 80% of residents. By personalizing their information on their bciti profiles, local businesses get their own virtual storefronts.

bciti smart city residents will appreciate having access to local offerings right from the platform to promote local business. ecoLocal offers a personalized shopping and transaction experience based on each resident’s interests, in a way that is both ethical and scalable.

To learn more about bciti ecoLocal, contact our team to attend a presentation. 

Intelligents ensemble. 

Vivianne Gravel
Article written by Vivianne Gravel
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