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Bciti and ESII: An international collaboration to optimize services for residents of smart cities

December 18, 2018

Montreal, October 31, 2018 – ESII Canada, a subsidiary of ESII, SAS, the French specialist in innovative queue management solutions, has installed a new waiting line management system connected to the city of Brossard in Quebec, in collaboration with bciti, the multi-city, multi-channel intelligent platform that optimizes services for residents.

“Improving people's lives has become a priority and now a reality, thanks to a complete, interactive and connected platform that is the result of a technological co-development between ESII and bciti,” proudly explains Vivianne Gravel, president and co-founder of bciti Solutions Inc., whose 30-person team develops and implements technologies of the future by leveraging artificial intelligence.

There's no need to wait any longer—accessing city services is now easy and fast.

Two avant-garde technologies in one

For smart cities, developing closer ties with residents is profitable and brings concrete results. Gone are the days of bottlenecks at peak times. Reduced waiting times, better resource management and optimized appointment scheduling are just some of the advantages of implementing the platform, which brings together two state-of-the-art technologies.

The bciti platform allows cities to make all of their services available through a single application. Residents can modify their personal information, respond to surveys, report a problem in the city using photos, follow up on a request, renew library cards or recreational activity registrations and registrations for the whole family directly online from their personal account.

For procedures that require going to municipal offices, the collaboration with ESII optimizes residents’ time management. Residents can now make appointments with the city online and select the most convenient time for them. They can also modify or cancel appointments remotely. As personal schedules get more and more complex, the service is a breath of fresh air for communities.

The City of Brossard leads the way

The integration of the ESII queue management solution to the bciti platform serves to centralize data and use artificial intelligence to better anticipate residents’ needs, in addition to facilitating decision-making for cities. The City of Brossard, a pioneer in the installation of the bciti platform, is the first to be equipped with all of the services available.

More than 14 cities and institutions in the province of Quebec have already acquired the bciti platform. In 2019, bciti has even bigger plans and will spread its wings internationally, offering its platform in cities in Canada and across the world.

Who will be the next cities to stand out from the rest and experience the bciti platform for themselves?

About bciti:

bciti is a multi-city/multi-channel intelligent platform that brings cities closer to their residents. bciti provides a reliable and secure ecosystem of digital services that allows residents, users and cities to be smarter, together. bciti connects multiple systems (existing, open data, IoT), enters and centralizes information, cleans data, uses AI to facilitate decision-making and recommendations, and offers numerous services in numerous cities via a SINGLE app.

B-CITI helps cities progress from a fragmented environment to a more comprehensive management system by simplifying operations and improving the quality of life of residents.

For more information, go to www.b-citi.com or send an email to info@b-citi.com


About ESII:

ESII imagines, develops and commercializes technology, solutions and services that respond to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the queue and waiting line management market. ESII offers solutions and services with high added-value for customer flow management, resource optimization, purchase pick-ups, queue management, ticket dispensers, digital signage and interactive kiosks to improve queue conditions.

Based in Lavérune, in southern France, ESII is recognized as a leader in the queue management sector with more than 18,000 sites installed. ESII has an international presence with subsidiaries in Belgium and Canada, as well as a worldwide network of distributors.

For more information, go to www.esii.com or send an email to info@esii.com.

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